We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

Domain Name / Email

Can I pop my email into my favorite software like Outlook or Eudora?


Can I forward my email to my aol/hotmail/msn email address?

Yes, you can forward your email to any address you want.

I already own a domain name. Can I use it?

Yes, you may transfer your domain to use with NetProducer at no charge. You will continue to pay domain registration fees to your domain registrar.

Is there any benefit to using more than one domain name?

There may be benefits to using multiple domain names. Some companies use multiple domains to market their services to different groups of people or in different geographical areas.

How many e-mails do I get with the web site?

You get up to 100 email accounts.

Do I have to pay extra for a domain name?

You only have to pay if you register your own domain name. These fees are charged by the domain name registration service, not NetProduced. We include the free registration of a domain name with your order of NetProducer.

Who owns my domain name?

You own your domain name as long as you continue to pay your domain registration fees. Should you not pay your domain registration fees, your domain will lapse and someone else may register the domain name.

Do I get a custom email address?

You get a custom email address e.g. yourname@yourdomain.com. You can add up to 100 other email addresses.


How many listings can I add to my web site?

You can add as many listings as you like.

How many pictures can I have on a listing?

You can have as many picture as you like. There is no limit.

Can I email a listing flyer to other agents or clients?

Yes, you can email a listing flyer from the Control Panel. You can also send messages, open house schedules, and attachments to agents in your mailing list.

Can I add virtual tours?

Yes, you can add as many virtual tours to your listings as you like.


Why should I choose NetProduced?

NetProduced is one of the most experienced web site providers in the real estate industry. NetProduced programmers have been building web sites for nearly 10 years. Subscribe to NetProducer today and we will empower you to tap into the power of the Internet, helping you save time and make money!

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, we have a toll free hotline for questions and technical support issues with your web site. Support representatives are on site to answer and return phone calls and email questions from 9AM to 6PM EST, Monday through Friday. We also have a web based support system that is monitored 24 hours a day.

How reliable is your service?

Our servers have performed with over 99% uptime. NetProduced maintains automated monitoring systems for constant surveillance of its network and computer systems to maximize the uptime and performance of our clients' web sites.

Site Access & Content

Can I customize my web site?

Yes, you can customize your web site. We will add your logo and picture at no charge. We provide you with a library of layouts and colors. To change the style of your website all you have to do is select the new options and rebuild your web site. It's easy and takes just a few minutes. You may also have us create custom graphics for your site at our standard hourly rates.

Can you enter my initial content for me?

Yes. We charge a $300 fee to initially populate your website for you. This includes your home page, your "About Me" page, entering your listings, and any custom pages you want. Certain restrictions apply.

How do I access my website to make changes, update listings, etc?

We provide you with a login username and password to NetProducer. Once you login, you will have access to edit your site, update listings, edit your site settings and much more.

How many pages do I get with my site?

Your website consists of a large number of pages. In addition, you can create as many pages as you would like, as long as you take up less than 50 MB of disk space. This means that your site can have hundreds of pages.

Can I change the text on my custom buttons?

Yes, you can change the text on your custom buttons in the site content section of your Control Panel.

Can you build a specialized template for my office?

Yes, we can build specialized templates for your office, so that agents in your office will get the same logo and other site features.

Can I add a text link to my home page?

Yes, you can easily add a text link on your home page using the page editor.

Can I change the fonts on my web site?

Yes, you can use any font you like for your website content.

Can I add a flash intro to my web site?

Yes, you can add a flash intro to your web site for an additional charge.

Can I edit my web site?

We offer an easy to use online page editor that enables you to edit your site as easy as using any word processing program. You may change the text on any page. In addition, you may change the graphics and the links. We also provide you with a page builder that allows you to create as many custom pages as you like.

Site Hosting & Reliability

How reliable are your web sites?

Our web sites are very reliable. We guarantee 99% uptime and continuously monitor our web sites. We house our server with DellHost, one of the most reliable names in the industry.

Can I buy your web site and host it with my current ISP?

NetProducer is a proprietary product and depends on components on our server to run properly. NetProducer can only run on our servers. In addition, we are constantly upgrading our product to meet the needs of the market. As a result you cannot host your NetProducer site with another provider.

What happens if the web site does not work?

If your website is down or does not work, we will issue you a pro-rated refund for the duration of the time it did not function.

Site Purchasing

How do I pay for my web site?

You can pay online using a credit card or check card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your subscription is on a monthly plan, you may cancel at any time with a 60-day written notice.

Site Traffic

How will people know to go to my web site?

Once your site is up and running, you will need to advertise your site. We also highly recommend putting your web address on your business cards, flyers and all other advertising.

Will my web site be found by search engines?

In your Control Panel you can edit your meta tags and keywords. This allows your site to be found easily in the search engines where your site is listed. We submit your site to the search engines, however, we have found that it takes 3-5 months to see the results. Many of our sites are listed in the first page of common keyword searches on sites such as Google, Alta Vista, AOL, and others.

Do you hook us up to search engines? How many?

We list you in the Open Directory Project (dmoz.org). This is a directory that looks at each site by hand. This site then feeds all the major search engines such as Google, which powers many other search engines. We have had excellent results with this method of placement.

How much traffic will I get at my site?

The amount of traffic you get is a function of how well you market your web site, so it's completely under your control.

Can I be at the top of the search engines?

Yes, we offer a Search Engine advertising program to bring your website to the top of the search engines (In the designated advertising areas).

If I can't get any traffic to my site, is it worth it to have a website?

Yes, there are numerous reasons to have a web site. Your customers expect you to have a website. Your competitors already have a web site. If you don't have a website you might lose credibility in the minds of your customers. A website can save you time because your prospects can go to your website to view listings. You can reduce phone calls from your clients by posting transaction status on your website.

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