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Netproduced is packed with features to get your website working for you. Instant text message notifications notify you instantly when a visitor fills out any of the many forms available to them. Complete content management allows you to add, delete or modify pages on your time schedule. With content management you can make sure information on your site never goes stale. Personal email marketing allows you to send branded email with your site's look and feel to one person, or to an entire group. When you have an open house, you simply enter it into your administrator. It is immediately displayed on your website. Don't worry about removing the old ones, they come off automatically!

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MyHome Extranet for Your Clients - There is no replacement for personal communications with your clients. You must talk to them on the phone and face to face to keep them informed of what is happening with their listing. But to document and record information that you both can refer back to later is a valuable service that you can provide with your MyHome Extranet for your clients. Each listing client can be given access to a password-protected page that includes statistic information pertaining to the viewing of their listing. They also get access to a document manager and event viewer that lets you communicate the results of activities such as open houses, magazine ad campaigns, and important notes to your client. Upload property brochures, PDF files, contracts, and more right to your client's computer. This is a valuable tool in providing next generation, e-service to your clients.


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